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Dari Jendela SMP The Movie: Biarkan Aku Menari (2022)

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All his life Wulan, he only wanted to be a dancer. When his father, Lukman and his brother, Satria were still alive, they were the ones who always supported Wulan’s ideals. But now they are dead, and Wulan lives only with her mother, Linda. Linda wants Wulan to succeed in her life, but she is worried about Wulan who likes to dance. For him dance is something serious. One day they are without an object, making Wulan go to the hills with Joko, her boyfriend who has been secretly hidden for so long. On their way home, they had a miraculous accident, leaving Wulan stranded in another world.

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Tagline:At the end of the light, find your way home before you disappear
Language:Bahasa indonesia

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